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The X-Factor USA Edit

The X Factor USA was a show. It aired from 2011-13 and had three series, it soon got axed after its third series.

Judges Edit

Paula Abdul (2011) (left to pursue other jobs)

Cheryl Cole (2011) (axed)

Simon Cowell (2011-13)

L.A. Reid (2011-12) (left to focus on new album)

Nicole Scherzinger (2011) (left because she thought that the US disliked her)

Demi Lovato (2012-13)

Britney Spears (2012) (left because she wanted to work on an album)

Kelly Rowland (2013)

Paulino Rubio (2013)

Series 1 Edit

The show began in 2011. The judges were, Paula Abdul, Cheryl Cole, Simon Cowell, L.A. Reid. It was presented by Steve Jones and Nicole Scherzinger. After a few auditions Cowell decided to axe Cole, so a producer went backstage and told her, Scherzinger (the original host) replaced her. It was won by Melanie Amaro, in the girls category, her mentor was Cowell.

Series 2 Edit

The second series of the the show began in 2012. Abdul nor Scherzinger returned to judge to pursue other things and were replaced by Demi Lovato and Britney Spears, Reid and Cowell stayed. The judging panel was Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato, L.A. Reid and Britney Spears. Jones didn't return to present the second series and got replaced by Mario Lopez. The series was won by Tate Stevens (in the over 25's category) and was mentored by Reid.

Series 3 Edit

The third and final series of The X Factor US began in 2013. Reid nor Spears returned to focus on there new album and were replaced by former X Factor UK judge Kelly Rowland and Paulino Rubio. Lovato and Cowell returned respectively for the second and third series. The judging panel was, Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato, Kelly Rowland and Paulino Rubio. Lopez returned to host the final season of the show. The show was won by a group named Alex and Sierra (they were in the groups category) which meant the were mentored by Cowell. The show got axed after just three series.

Bootcamp and Live Shows Edit

Bootcamp really tells the judges who are ready for the live shows. But They do many things to prove their case. If the judges think you were good enough, they sent you through to live shows. There, the four judges chose their 4 or 5 finalists. Once the finalists were chosen, they started live shows. There is 12 live shows and they fight for survival. Each week either 1 or 2 competitors left the show. Melanie Amaro (although not being put through at first) won the 1st season of the USA's X-Factor giving Simon the victory!


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