Voices with Soul
Contestant Profile


Category Groups
Mentor Louis Walsh
Placement 6/9

Voices with Soul are a British soul group consisting of family members Grace, Hildia and Corene Campbell. They participated in Series 1 of The X Factor as part of the Grops category mentored by Louis Walsh and finished in 6th place.

The X Factor

The group got their first break when they auditioned in 2004 in front of Louis Walsh, Sharon Osbourne and Simon Cowell. They received 3 yes's and were through to bootcamp as part of the Groups Category. At bootcamp it was announced their mentor for the rest of the competition was Louis Walsh. He was very impressed with the girls and put them through to the live shows. They were eliminated in 6th place.


Post The X Factor

After the show the girls took part on the arena tour with the other finalists and supported G4 on tour. They have also appeared on many disco albums.

Series 1 Finalists
Cassie ComptonG4Roberta HowettRowetta SatchellSteve BrooksteinTabby Callaghan2 to GoVerity KeaysVoices with Soul

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