The Conway Sisters
Contestant Profile
Hometown Sligo, Ireland


Category Groups
Mentor Simon Cowell
Placement 6/12

The Conway Sisters were a semi-professional singing group from County Sligo, Ireland who auditioned for Series 2 of The X Factor. They were part of the Groups category mentored by Simon Cowell and finished in 6th place.


Laura, Marie, Sharon and Sinead Conway were born and raised in Sligo, Ireland. The four sisters grew up with a love of music and performing, and in 2002 they formed The Conway Sisters. Throughout that year they wrote, produced, and recorded music, and played locally. In 2003, they released three singles, all of which reached the Top 20 in Ireland, before heir self-financed debut album, Waiting for You, was released in May 2005.

The X Factor

The sisters auditioned for Series 2 of The X Factor and successfully made it all the way to the live shows where they were mentored by Simon Cowell in the Groups category.

In Week 5, they found themselves in the final showdown for the first time alongside Maria Lawson, who was controversially eliminated after Louis had the casting vote, leading Sharon to say that he "voted with his passport" (a reference to both he and the sisters being Irish). It was later revealed that he had known them prior to the competition.

The following week, they worked without the guidance of their mentor, which earned his respect but ended up in the final showdown again, this time alongside Nicholas Dorsett, who was eliminated. They failed to survive a third consecutive week in the final showdown after they found themselves facing Chico Slimani. In a series first, Cowell, as their mentor, decided to vote the sisters off and they finished in 6th place overall. Afterwards, the sisters said that Louis had been their true mentor and they went on tour with the other finalists.

Post-X Factor

In August 2006 on the ITV show The X Factor – One Year On, Laura Conway announced that the Conways had split up for good. On their official website they said: "We will be finishing up as the Conway Sisters for now, we've come to a place where we want to pursue individual career paths and now we feel ready to do that! For the record there have been no fall outs or fights, it's all been very amicable and as sisters we're closer now than ever!"

Series 2 Finalists
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