Name Profile Result
Frankie Cocozza(18) Student
Kitty Brucknell(26) Singer Through
Sondesh Kumar(24) Unemployed Out
Ellen Chetkuti(47) Housewife Out
Wendy Davis(30) Full-Time Mum Out
Goldie Cheung(48) Tai-Chi Instructor Through
Janet Devlin(16) Student Through
Roxy Yarnold(19) Pizza Worker Through
SOSO Status (All 18) Group Through
Heshima Thompson(24) Singer Through
George Gerasimou(19) Unemployed Out
Johnny Robinson(45) Unemployed Through
Samantha Hallam(37) Graphic Designer Through
Derry Mensah(20) Burger King Chef Through
Perry Devonish Unemployed Out
Joseph Castle(24) IT Company Director Through
Stefan Romer(19) Unemployed Through
Mark Byron(21) Out
Craig Colton(22) Biscuit Factory Worker Through
The Duos (33 and 36) Duo Out
Broman5e (16-20) Group Out
Poetic Justice (25 and 27) Duo Out
Ginger Tops Duo/Old Couple Out
Unknown Group of Men Out
Unknown Man and Woman Out
The Keys (23-25) Group Through
Unknown Young Man Out
Misha Bryan(19) Student Through
David Wilder(42) Unemployed Through
Lemuel Knights(16) Student Through
Max Mckay(16) Student Through
Lizzie Colbourne(16) Student Through
Luke Lucas(16) Student Through
Michael Lewis(27) Unemployed Out
Anamelia Silva(23) Nightclub Hostes Out
Michael Webb(26) Bingo Caller Out
Jade Freeman(21) Sales Consultant Out
Carina Senn(32) Cleaner Out
Angel (18-23) Girl Group Out
Unknown Lady Through
Unknown Young Man Through
Unknown Man Through
Jade Richards(21) Student Through
Kendro(18 and 23) Male Duo Through
Christine Rogerson(50) Mum Out
Andy Brooks(17) Beauty Student Out
Carl Stephenson(21) Unemployed Out
Samantha Brookes(31) Barmaid Through
Tress(20-21) Girl Group Through
Sassy(17-20) Girl Group Out
Sorelle(18-25) Girl Group Out
Twisted(17-27) Girl Group

One girl,Chrissie Pitt,

was picked out to go through.The other girls went out.   

Lascel Wood(20) College Student Through
Marcus Collins(23) Hairdresser Through
Emma Wright(16) Pub Singer Through
Unknown Young Man Through
Unknown Young Lady Through
James Michael(20) Unemployed Through
Grahm Bennett(52) Unemployed Out
Aisling Corr(28) Unemployed Out
Bharat Battina(23) Student Out
Jenny Overy(65) Retired Out
Tara Burgin(29) Lecturer Out
Harry O'Neill Student Out
Scott Flannery Cocktail Barman Out
Rebecca Reid(17) Student Out
Jonjo Kerr(27) Soldier Through
Amelia Lily(16) Student Through
Natasha Paton(23) Mum Out
Dafydd Morgan(41) Unemployed Out
John Adams(23) Maths Teacher Through
Randy Roxx(45) Musician Out
Lina Roma(43) Mum Out
Michelle Barrett(31) Mum Through
2 Shoes (21 and 23) Duo Through
Melanie McCabe(17) Student Through
Sarah Watson(17) Student Through
Sophie Habibis(19) Barmaid Through
Meg Jones(16) Student Out
Indigo Rose(18-25) Girl Group Out
Perrie Edwards(17) Student Out
John Wilding(18) Student Through
Margaret Sinclair(52) Teaching Assisstant Out
Neil Sinclair(55) Credit Controller Out
Bradley Johnson(16) Student Through
Max Vickers(19) Amusement Park Squirrel Through
Anthony Chisman(22) BT Engineer Through
Joe Cox(17) Student Through
Terry Winstanley(51) Scaffolder Through
Beverley Savarin(35) Chef Through
Joseph Gilligan(26) Former Wrestler Through
Carolynne Poole(30) Antique Furniture Restorer Through
Deep Dhillon(52) Police Administrator Out
Curtis Rangwhite(24) Unknown Through
Ceri Rees(54) Retired Factory Worker


Honey Shazad Unknown Through
Candice Barron Unknown Through
Sian Phillips Unknown Through
Eskimo Smile Group Through
Jane Belfield(55) Unknown Out
Richard Milford Unknown Through
Beccy Shaw Unknown Through
Beverley Birtles Unknown Through
4 Real Male Group Through
Perrie Edwards(17) Unknown Through
Estrella Female Group Through
Aiesha Pease Unknown Through
Jo Beetlestone(24) Unknown Through
Ashley Pridgeon Unknown Through
NYD Married Couple Out
Kirsty Bancroft Unknown Through
Section 2 (34 and 8) Duo Out
Chrissie Pitt Unknown Through
Ron Davis(43) Unknown Through
Natasha Zimbaro Unknown Through
Michelle Barrett Unknown Through
Sergei Muraujai(26) Unknown Out
Francis Cardosa Unknown Through
Sophie Bond Unknown Through
Dafydd Morgan(41) Unknown Out
Jamie Bruce(32) Bouncer Through
Nicole Simpson Unknown Through
Ben Dillan(22) Unknown Out
Niall Sexton Unknown Through
2 Brothers(Both 18) Duo Out
Callum Scanlon(17) Unknown Out
Sheila O'Sullivan Unknown Through
Basil Simon(46) Unknown Through
JTE (18 and 26) Male Duo Out
Gemma McDowell Unknown Through
Roger Boyd(32) Unknown Through
Chelsea Redfern Unknown Through
Plop (25) Unknown Out
Chelsea Sianga Unknown Through
Nathalie Makoma Unknown Through
Girl V Boy Duo Through

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