Name Profile Result
Dreamgirls (18 and 19) Duo Out
Luke Bailey (19) Plasterer Out
Steve Calliegari (54) Factory Worker Out
Stacey Solomon (19) Student Through
Katy Bullock (17) Student Through
Sister Act (19 and 21) Duo Out
Joe McElderry (18) Student Through
Kyle Campbell (16) Student Out
John and Edward Duo Through
Laura White (26) Recptionist Through
Roy Robson(25) Plasterer Through
Triple Trouble (All 17) Group Out
RTI (17-19) Group Out
Nathan Leslie (24) Electrician Out
Beyond Reason (17 and 18) Duo Out
Duane Lamonte (24) Youth Worker Through
Domonique Bachaen (30) Kitchen Porter Out
David Moors (32) Factory Worker Out
Eguono Okiti (22) Care Assistant Out
Blue Gorilla Unknown Out
Danyl Johnson (27) Teacher Through
Alan Walton (51) Unemployed Out
Krisztina Nagy (20) Shop Assistant Out
Andrew Ellis (33) Unemployed Truck Driver Out
Children of the Earth (16-17) Girl Group Out
Simon Heming (30) Book Shop Manager Out
Behrouz Ghaemi (29) Student Through
Michael Hough (18) Bank Cashier Through
Rochelle Morrison (21) Shop Assistant Through
Victoria Hughes (18) Barmaid Through
Rozelle Phillip (21) Student Through
The Stunners (Both 17) Female Duo Out
Checkout (19 and 42) Male Duo Out
Melody Who (10-21) Girl Group Out
Double Trouble (Both 16) Male Duo Out
Priceless Male Group Out
Miss Fitz (22-26) Girl Group Through
Daryl Markham (40) Cabinet Maker Through
Jamie Archer (33) Pub Singer Through
Alan Busby (23) Hotel Barman Out
Deep Dhillon (50) Police Admin Offiscer Out
Tom Idleson (23) Actor Out
Steve Lokzy (24) Payroll Clerk Out
Ian Russell (25) Unemployed Out

2 Gorgeous 4 Words (17-18)

Group Out
Ashanti Webbe (22) Full-time Mum Through
Daniel Williams (19) Student Through
Lucie Jones (18) Student Through
Ian Elsey (22) Labourer Out
Dawn Thomas (34) Customer Service Advisor Out
Gareth Evans (38) Chef Out
Lloyd Daniels (16) Student Through
Combined Effort Duo Out
Jade Fubara (17) Student Through
All That Jazz Woman and Dog Out
John Cassidy (22) Student Out
Gisela Lee (18) Student Out
Jordan Rush (31) Support Worker Out
Carla Schettini (36) Shop Assistant Out
Rikki Loney (21) Club Singer Through
William Hooper (82) Retired Through
Lydia Cabasele (17) Student Through
Alistair Nwachukwu (17) Student Through
The Secrets (23-32) Girl Group Through
Heshima Thompson (22) Musician Through
Shanna Goodhead (18) Student Through
Amordeep Ghatura (16) Student Out
David Francis (45) Classroom Assistant Out
Michael Pottenger (34) Part-time Therapist Out
Abraham Akpoyibo (23) Student Out
Demi Cullum (17) Student Out
Yellow Brick Road (23-25) Girl Group Through
Elliote Williams-N'Dure (22) Unemployed Through
Jaide Green (23) Part-time Singer Through
Olly Murs (25) Customer Advisor Through
Richard Green (30) Security Guard Out
Maggie Abboud (43) Airline Ground Staff Out
Maurice Siegel (76) Retired Out
Chelsea Fletcher (16) Student Out
Ethan Boroian (19) Student Through
Faye Bray (28) Prison Lecturer Through
Treyc Cohen (25) Call Centre Worker Through
Karl Lewis (25) Unemployed Through
Harmony Hood (18-23) Group Through
Natricia Thompson (29) Full-time Mum Out
Gianni Rocchetta (42) Interpreter Out
Simone Lucioli (29) Model Out
Eileen Chapman (80) Retired Out
Kandy Rain (21-25) Girl Group Through
Indie Okoye (19) Student Through
Stacey McClean (20) Office Worker Through
Dominic Harris (17) Student Through
Nicole Lawrence (31) Care Worker Through
It Takes 2 Duo Through
Them 2 (42 and 48) Pub Singers Out
Faye Carford (16) Student Out
Terry Griffiths (17) Student Out
Reindeer Reindeer Out
Jarod Morrison (36) Unemployed Out
Daniel Pearce (31) Musician Through
Despina Pilavakis (20) Student Through
Nicole Jackson (18) Bar Worker Through
Siren (Both 22) Female Duo Through
Graziella Affinita (25) Assistant Bar Manager Through
Casyr (16 and 17) Duo Out
Steve Lee (34) Graphic Designer Out
Melody Mangavza (18) Student Out
Michael Couling (26) Builder Out
Paula McKenzie (26) Florist Out
Scott James (21) Unemployed Through
M&G (25 and 42) Male Duo Through
Trucolourz (16-17) Girl Group Through
Project A (19-25) Girl Group Through
Daniel Fox (18) Unemployed Through
Rachel Adeiji (17) Student Through
Amy Buck (22) Personal Trainer Through
Curtis Moore (16) Student Through
Just Du-et (21 and 24) Duo Through
William Tackie (21) Unemployed Through
Andrew Fawcus (27) Dancer Through
Shar Alexandra (25) Recruitment Consultant Through
Shaniece Davis (21) Part-time Hairdresser Through
Sian Paley (23) Office Worker Through
Thomas Calvert (22) Sales Executive Through
Ivy Chanel (39) Vocal Coach Through

Around 200 acts made it through to Bootcamp

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