Name Profile Result
Yes Lad (19 to 21) Group Through
Zack Draven (41) Plasterer Out
Samantha Lavery (16) Student Through
Christian Burrows (19) Barman Through
Rosie Mac (19) Body Double Through
James Wilson (34) Singer Through
Richard Jen Ting (34) Food Technician Out
Caitlyn Vanbeck (18) Student Through
Ryan Lawrie (19) Student Through
Melissa Pedro (27) Primary School Teacher Through
Lewis Elkes (26) Sales Assistant Through
Honey G (35) Recruitment Agent Through
Eddie Lee (51) Unemployed Through
Saara Aalto (29) Singer Through
James Hughes (17) Student Through
Emily Middlemass (17) Student Through
Leara Summers Through
Rachel Hooke (45) Freelance Worker Out
Abiola Allicock (41) Unemployed Out
Kittipos Maspun (23) Out
Rebekah Ryan (39) Sales Assistant Through
Roger Boyd Through
Jordan Devine (19) Potato Farmer Out
Peter Richard (67) Car Salesman Out
Paul McGuinnes (27) Auxiliary Nurse Out
Niall Sexton (22) Barman Through
Connor McGinty (21) Through
Janet Grogan (28) Lifeguard Through
The Vixens (23 to 26) Out
Ottavio and Bradley (24 and 23) Student / Restaurant Manager Through
Kayleigh Marie Morgan (19) Waitress Through
Ryan Wilkins (27) Insurance Worker Through
Muchaneta Mpofu (30) Housewife Out
Tom and Laura (24 and 29) Claims Handler / Volunteer Work Through
Chanal Benjilali (17) Student Through
Matt Terry (23) Former Waiter Through
Irina Dedyuk (28) Singer Through
Sada Vidoo (27) Singer Through
Marianna Zappi (34) Charity Worker Through
Sanish Sambasvian Delegate Relations Manager (27) Out
Philip Hadlow (42) Out
Cristina Postma (53) Entertainer Out
Kayleigh and Stefan (19 and 46) Through
Peter Knox (75) Retired Out
He Knows She Knows (25 and 28) Through
Girl Next Door (16 to 18) Group Through
5AM (20 to 23) Group Through
Gifty Louise Agyeman (20) Sales Management Through
Tramp and the Lady (30 and 57) Out
Beck Martin (28) Gym Instructor Through
Anelisa Lambola (26) Barmaid Through
Faye Horne (24) Accounts Assistant Through
Richie Stevens (53) Lorry Driver Out
Linda St. Claire (55) Forklift Operator Out
Kazzey (31) Singing Teacher Out
Olivia Garcia (16) Student Through
Aeron Smith (20) Shop Assistanct Through
George Windsor Through
The Brooks (17) Through
Antonia Mirat (32) Opera Singer Through
Zbigniew Bialczak (40) Finanace Officer Out
Ivy Grace Paredes (33) Singer Through
Jamuna Gibbs (63) Cleaner Through
Shoelia Clifford (18) Waitress Through
4 Of Diamonds (17 to 22) Group Through
Nate Simpson (22) Singing Teacher Through
Christopher Peyton (46) Singer/Songwriter Through
Cori Burns (63) Songwriter Out
Will Rush (21) Singer/Songwriter Through
Samantha Atkinson (32) Pub Landlady Through
Remissions Group Out
Kirsty Murphy (21) Dance Teacher Through
Sophia Ferrial (48) Hairdresser/Beautician Out
Double Trouble (21) Out
Emran Ihtishame (35) Petrol Station Worker Out
Garry Greig (23) Window Fabricator Through
Mike Hough (25) Charity Worker Through
Jordina Miller Through
Ellie Rose Through
Luena Martinez Through
Freddy Parker Through
Luca Valenti Through
Skarl3t Group Through
Relley C Through
Alliance Girl Group Through
Jamie Through

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