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Lakoda Rayne
Lakoda Rayne
Paula Abdul

Lakoda Rayne is an American all-female pop/country group in the Groups category under judge Paula Abdul. The group's members all originally auditioned for the show as solo artists but were given another chance as a group at bootcamp after all four members were each eliminated.

The group consisted of Cari Fletcher, Dani Knights, Paige Ogle, and Hayley Orrantia.

Despite them being the last group standing, they were eliminated on November 23, 2011, finishing in 9th palce. The group performed at the finale. There was also talk of the group recording a Christmas song & releasing it during the holiday season, but nothing came of it.


The group say that they do intend to stay together and put out an album. In the meantime, group members Hayley Orrantia and Cari Fletcher, who are both 18, planned to finish high school. Both graduated in spring 2012.
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Post X Factor USAEdit


Lakoda Rayne

Since the end of the show, the ladies continue to delight their fans with videos on their YouTube channel as well as keeping fans updated on their music via Twitter. Hayley Orrantia even recorded a cover version of the One Direction song "What Makes You Beautiful" with former American Idol contestant Tim Halperin as well as a cover version of the Justin Bieber hit "Boyfriend" and the Katy Perry hit "Wide Awake".

Paige Ogle's departureEdit

On May 16, 2012 Paige Ogle announced on Twitter that she was leaving the group to attend college.

The remaining members-Hayley, Dani and Cari-recently posted their version of the Carly Rae Jepsen hit "Call Me Maybe" on the group's YouTube channel. The three ladies plan to continue on as Lakoda Rayne.

First single

The group's first single, "Emergency Brake", which Dani co-wrote with Jaden Michaels and Jordan Baum, was released on September 18, 2012. The music video, directed by Ryan Hutchins, premiered on the group's YouTube channel on September 16, 2012.



  • "Emergency Brake" (2012)

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