In this round, the 15 acts (five for each judge) went to the "homes" of their respective judges, where they were interviewed and performed again. Each judge then chose three acts to go through to the finals (making a total of nine finalists, unlike later series, which would feature 12/16).

Unlike future series of the show, in series one the judges actually took their contestants to their real houses. In future, the locations that the contestants were sent to were mostly abroad and considered more 'glamorous'. Also, in earlier series of the show the judges were assisted at this stage by a whole supporting panel compared to later series where to have just one assistant has become the norm.

Additionally, the supporting panels mainly consisted of people who had credentials such as vocal coaches and record producers as opposed to later series where helpers at this stage were most world-famous singers.


Name Result
Roberta Howett Through
Megan Ramsay Out
Cassie Compton Through
Andy Steed Out
Tabby Callaghan Through

Name Result
Advance Out
G4 Through
2 to Go Through
Voices with Soul Through
4Tune Out
Name Result
Rowetta Satchell Through
Odis Palmer Out
Steve Brookstein Through
Lloyd Wade Out
Verity Keays Through

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