Decibellas Edit

Decibellas are a girl group who participated on the X Factor Uk in 2015, they made it to the dreaded Six ChaIr Challenge, but judge Cheryl Fernandez Versani chose not to give them a seat.

Members Edit

Alice Joy (2015—) Edit

Alice Joy was a part of girl band "Dolled Up", in 2013, with member Sophie Holmes

Harley Rae (2015—) Edit

Lily Tello (2015—) Edit

Sophie Holmes (2015—) Edit

Sophie Holmes auditioned for the X Factor in Series 11 as a part of a group called "The Pow Pow Girls", they made it to the Six Chair Challenge, and Louis Walsh gave them a seat, but after battling against Overlaod and the New Girl Group, (later known as Rumour Has It ), they were eliminated, and broke up in late 2014. She was also a part of girl band "Dolled Up", in 2013, with Alice.

Past MembersEdit

Emily Juniper (2015-2016)Edit

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