Craig Colton
Contestant Profile
Birth Date 7 October 1988
'Age 28
Hometown Kirkby, Merseyside, England
Occupation Former factory worker


Category Boys
Mentor Gary Barlow
Placement 6/16

Craig Colton is an English singer from Liverpool who competed in Series 8 of The X Factor as part of the Boys Category mentored by Gary Barlow. He finished in 6th place overall.

The X Factor


Post The X Factor

Series 8 Finalists
Amelia LilyCraig ColtonFrankie CocozzaJames MichaelJanet DevlinJohnny RobinsonJonjo KerrKitty BrucknellLittle MixMarcus CollinsMisha BNu VibeSami BrookesSophie HabibisThe Risk2 Shoes

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