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A total of 211 acts made it through to Bootcamp. On the first day, judges reviewed the audition tapes and sent home 60 acts before they had a chance to sing.

The remaining contestants were then put into groups and they took part in a sing-off. They were split into the following groups:

Day 1Edit

Group 1:Edit

  • Jahmene Douglas
  • Jae Walters
  • Craig

Craig was sent home

Group 2:Edit

  • GMD3
  • Triple J

Triple J were sent home

Group 3:Edit

  • Lucy Spraggan
  • Farrah
  • Jessica

Farrah and Jessica were sent home

Group 4:Edit

  • Curtis Golden
  • James Arthur
  • James Vickery

Everyone stayed in the competition

Group 5:Edit

  • Jake Quickenden
  • Adam Burridge
  • Robbie Hance

Robbie Hance stormed off during the performance leaving Jake and Adam to make it through to the next day

Group 6:Edit

  • Hayley Evetts
  • Nicola Marie

Both stayed in the competition

Group 7:Edit

  • Britt Love
  • Deidre Lawlor
  • Collagen Westwood
  • Deidre and Collagen were sent home

Group 8:Edit

  • Rough Copy
  • Mitsotu

Both acts stayed in the competition

Group 9:Edit

  • Rylan Clark
  • Ottavio Columbro
  • Gathan Cheema

Everyone stayed in the competition

Group 10:Edit

  • Times Red
  • Duke
  • Lightbulb Thieves
  • MK1

Lightbulb Thieves were sent home

Group 11:Edit

  • From Above
  • Voxe

Voxe were sent home

Day 2Edit

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