A total of 187 acts made it through to Bootcamp.

Before Bootcamp started, the Judges decided to send home a number of the competitors even before they got a chance to sing. They were split into 4 groups:

Group 1:

People in Group 1 included:

  • Frankie Cocoza
  • Janet Devlin
  • Misha Bryan
  • Luke Lucas
  • Joe Cox

The people in Group 1 stayed in the competition.

Group 2:

People in Group 2 included:

  • Johnny Robinson
  • Kendro

The people in Group 2 stayed in the competition.

Group 3:

The people in Group 3 included:

  • Curtis Rangwhite

The people in Group 3 went home.

Group 4:

People in Group 4 included:

  • John Wilder

The people in Group 4 stayed in the competition.

After this decicion, 152 acts were still in the competition. They were split into 30 groups, so that they could perform to the judges at Wembley.

Members of Group Result

Kitty Brucknell,Lascel Wood,Honey Shazad,Terry Winstanley,Candice Barron, 1 other person.

Kitty,Lascel,Terry and Candice through.
Sian Phillips,4 other people Unknown
Sophie Habibis,4 other people Unknown
Joseph Gilligan,Max Vickers, 3 other people Unknown
Amelia Lily,2 Shoes,3 other people All Through
Frankie Cocozza, Eskimo Smile, Beccy Shaw, 1 other person Frankie and Eskimo Smile through
James Michael,4 other people James Through
Janet Devlin,Misha Bryan,4 other people Janet and Misha through
Lemuel Knights, 4 other people Unknown
Derry Mensah, 6 other people All out
Richard Milford,4 other people Unknown
Beverley Birtles,John Wilding,3 other people Unknown
Kendro,4 other people Kendro Through
Luke Lucas, 4 other people Luke through. Everyone else out.
Johnny Robinson, 4 other people Unknown
Marlon McKenzie, Lizzie Colbourne, 3 other people All Out
Carolynne Poole,4 others Unknown
John Wilding,The Estrelles,4 others All Through
4 Real, 4 others Unknown
Melanie McCabe, 4 others Unknown
Goldie Cheung, Ashley Pridgeon,Marcus Collins,2 others Marcus and Goldie through.
Roxy Yarnold,Samantha Brookes,3 others Samantha through
The Keys, Jade Richardson, Joe Cox,Nicole Simpson, 1 other person All through

After this round of Bootcamp,24 people who were rejected,including Beccy Shaw, Derry Mensah,Perrie Edwards and Jade Thirlwall, were called back in to form groups. Overall, 61 contestants were still in the competition.

Final Round

In the final round, contestants had to perform one more piece for the judges, before they were cut down to 32.

Name Result
Frankie Cocoza Through
James Michael Through
Joe Cox Through
Marcus Collins Through
John Adams Out
John Wilding Through
Lascel Wood Out
Craig Colton Through
Luke Lucas Through
Lemuel Knights Out
Max Vickers Through
Scott Flannery Out
Misha Bryan Through
Chelsea Redfern Out
Amelia Lily Through
Jade Richards Through
Melanie McCabe Through
Aiesha Pease Out
Kirsty Bancroft Out
Janet Devlin Through
Samantha Zimbaro Out
Sophie Bond Out
Nicple Simpson Out
Sarah Watson Through
Sheila O'Sullivan Out
Sophie Habibis Through
Gemma McDowall Out
Chelsea Sianga Out
Sian Phillips Out
Candice Baron Out
Holly Repton Through
Over 25s
David Wilder Out
Francis Cardoso Out

Kitty Brucknell

Goldie Cheung Through
Terry Winstanley Through
Chrissie Pitt Out
Samantha Brookes Through
Nathalie Makoma Out
Basil Simon Out
Joe Gilligan Through
Johnny Robinson Through
Celeste Waiste


Samantha Brookes Through
Jonjo Kerr Through
Kendro Out
The Keys Through
Nu Vibe (Group created by Judges) Through
Faux Pas (Group created by Judges) Out
The Lovettes (Group created by Judges) Through
The Risk (Group created by Judges) Through
Misfits (Group created by Judges) Out
Orion (Group created by Judges) Out
4 Real Out
2 Shoes Through
Brooklyn Out
Eskimo Smile Out
Estrella Through
Boy V Girl Through


As only 7 groups had gone through, the judges called back Jesy Nelson, Perrie Edwards, Jade Thirlwall, and Leigh-Anne Pinnock to form a girl group. They originally called themselves Infinite Base, but settled on the name Rhythmix, later changing it to Little Mix.

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