A total of 121 acts made it through to Bootcamp.  In a change to previous years, a 'Wall of Songs' was set up and the acts had to run to it and grab a piece of paper bearing a song title, which they would then perform in front of the judges after being divided into their respective groups.


The acts were divided into 21 different groups:

Group 1:Edit

Caitlyn Vanbeck
Christopher Peyton
No Getaway

Group 2:Edit

Ottavio & Bradley
Relley C
Jack Booth

Group 3:Edit

Antonio Mirat
Unnamed male singer
Unnamed female singer

Group 4:Edit

Sada Vidoo
Unnamed female singer

Group 5:Edit

Honey G
Unnamed female singer
Unnamed male singer

Group 6:Edit

Beck Martin
Unnamed female singer
Unnamed female singer

Group 7:Edit

Eddie Lee
Jamuna Gibbs
Unnamed male singer

Group 8:Edit

Tom & Laura
Aeron Smith
Matt Terry

Group 9:Edit

Ian Berry
Unnamed female singer
Unnamed female singer

Group 10:Edit

Gifty Louise
Anelisa Lamola
Chanel Benjilali

Group 11:Edit

Niall Sexton
Unnamed male singer
Unnamed male singer

Group 12:Edit

Samantha Lavery
Unnamed girl group
Unnamed male duo

Group 13:Edit

Sasha Taylor
James Craise
Christian Burrows

Group 14:Edit

Tinuke Jonah
Kayleigh Marie Morgan

Group 15:Edit

Ryan Lawrie
Freddy Parker
Melissa Pedro

Group 16:Edit

Faye Horne
Unnamed female singer
Unnamed male singer

Group 17:Edit

Ivy Grace Parades
Mike Hough

Group 18:Edit

Saara Aalto
Unnamed female singer
Unnamed female singer

Group 19:Edit

Samantha Atkinson
Rebekah Ryan
James Wilson

Group 20:Edit

Yes Lad
James Hughes

Group 21:Edit

Roger Boyd

Final RoundEdit

After performing, the results were as follows:

Room A - Everyone through
Room B - Everyone going home
Room C - Everyone going home
Room D - Everyone through

This meant that just 60 acts were left to find out who their mentor would be before they faced the Six Chair Challenge. Simon Cowell was given the Girls, Nicole Scherzinger was given the Boys, Sharon Osbourne was given the Over 25s and Louis Walsh was given the Groups.

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