Bad Lashes
Contestant Profile
Hometown Various places


Category Groups
Mentor Louis Walsh
Placement 12/12

Bad Lashes were a four-piece girlband from various parts of England, made up of members Emily McNamee, Sophie Wilson, Samantha Bennett, and Stacey Lincoln who participated in Series 5 of The X Factor as part of the Groups category mentored by Louis Walsh.  They were eliminated in Week 1 of the live shows finishing in 12th place.

The X FactorEdit

Auditioning in 2008 and made it to the live shows as part of the Groups category mentored by Louis Walsh.

However, they finished in last place as they were eliminated in the first live show after ending up in the final showdown alongside Girlband and receiving the fewest public votes after the judges' vote was deadlocked.


Post The X FactorEdit

In 2009, they released their cover of the Oasis song "Wonderwall". They played a few more gigs before splitting up.


  • Wonderwall (2010)
Series 5 Finalists
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