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Aiden Grimshaw
Contestant Profile
Birth Date 4 December 1991
Hometown Blackpool, Lancashire
Occupation Singer


Category Boys
Mentor Dannii Minogue
Placement 9/16

Aiden Grimshaw is an English singer.


Aiden Grimshaw was born on 4 December 1991 in Blackpool, Lancashire.  He studied at the Michael Hall Theatre School in Blackpool.

The X FactorEdit

In 2010, he auditioned for Series 7 of The X Factor.  He performed the song "Gold Digger" by Kanye West, leading Simon Cowell to say "Now that's what I call a popstar!".  He continued to impress throughout Bootcamp and was selected to join the Boys category mentored by Dannii Minogue.  Along with Matt Cardle and Nicolo Festa, she selected him to be in her Top 3 for the live shows.

His intense perfomances throughout the live shows won over the judges and voting public until Week 6 saw him end up in the final showdown alongside Katie Waissel.  Both Dannii and Louis voted to send Katie home while Cheryl and Simon voted to send him home, leading to the vote to be deadlocked.  The result of the public vote saw him leave the competition, which came as a huge shock since he had been far from the bottom in previous weeks.

After the show, he gained a spot on the live tour due to popular demand  - a first for any contestant who had finished outside the Top 8.  He was signed to RCA Records and after a two-year wait he released his debut album Misty Eye.  Although well received by the critics, the album only charted at #19 in the UK.

He later left RCA and in 2013 he released a 4-track EP called Aiden, now dropping his last name.  It was released on November 26, 2013 as a free download.

After a year's absence, a new track called "Virtually Married" was uploaded to YouTube.  Part of a second EP, it marked a departure from the sound of his previous material.  He also co-wrote songs for fellow X Factor contestant Zayn Malik's debut album.


Studio Albums

  • Misty Eye (2012)

Extended Plays

  • Aiden (2013)
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